Certified and service minded

Fire Safety Experts

At Besase we save lives – and that’s why we don’t compromise. We always design the most suitable solutions for your needs, without leaning (only) towards any specific manufacturers solutions. This means that we are independent from any system and device supplier, and can always focus in designing the best solution for you. What you get from us: best solution for your premise, great customer service during the whole project, and minimal impact to your everyday life during our installation.

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Service matters to us

100 % satisfaction rate in service and safety is our goal – and so far we’ve succeeded. Our clients thank us how thorough we are in educating our fire safety solutions end users and how visually pleasing our installations are. Humane perspective is important in all our projects, and it get’s highlighted in installation sites such as care homes: by redesigning the way we install fire safety systems, we’ve managed to operate on premises without residents needing to be relocated during the project.

”We got a text message informing that installation is 50 % done, but at the site we couldn’t see a single nozzle or pipe. Only after Besase installation staff showed us where the installations had been done, we could see them. We couldn’t be more pleased with Besase’s service.”